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5 Best Ways to Keep Calgary Communal and Public Areas Clean in 2020

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5 Best Ways to Keep Calgary Communal and Public Areas Clean in 2020

5 Best Ways to Keep Calgary Communal and Public Areas Clean in 2020  

Keeping our workplaces and homes clean has always been necessary, but now that Coronavirus has given us a heightened sense of awareness of the importance of cleanliness, we need to increase our efforts to ensure our employees, customers, and members of the public are kept safe inside our premises. 

While we can take procedures in shared workspaces to keep employees in the most hygienic space possible, it becomes much more difficult to do so in communal areas and public spaces such as cafeterias, locker rooms, break rooms, libraries, museums, entryways, and retail spaces. 

These are all areas where people are much more likely to let their guard down, especially if they are distracted by talking with colleagues, studying, or searching for something they need. We need to take extra precautions in these areas to ensure we do everything we can to avoid a resurgence of Coronavirus and keep these spaces safe and enjoyable for all. 

Here are some ways you can make sure the communal areas in your Calgary workplace are kept clean:

How to Keep Communal and Public Spaces Clean in 2020 

Clean areas regularly – ideally, have an employee or cleaner wipe the space down 1-3 times a day, and then have a team come in each night or every few days to disinfect thoroughly. The regularity of this should be according to the traffic that uses or passes through that space. 

Provide hand sanitizer near doorways – ask people entering a high-traffic area to clean their hands before they enter, as this will help keep objects clean. This is particularly important for areas like libraries and cafeterias where people are much more likely to touch things. 

Limit numbers where possible – the more people using a room at once, the more likely the spread of germs is. It’s tempting to think this is only important for public places, but consider asking your employees to stagger their breaks from others that use the room to keep your employees healthy. 

Have an employee supervise high-traffic areas and activities – it’s not the most exciting of jobs, but if you can, having someone there to ensure all those using your space are doing so safely does not only keep the hygiene level of your space high, it also gives you peace of mind. If we’re going to return to a life of normality in 2021, we’ve got to ensure we don’t get a resurgence of Coronavirus in the winter

So, if it is a public space, have an employee supervise activities and areas that are much more likely to be touched, such as children’s areas. Instead of allowing everyone to make their own coffee, hire someone to do so for you, or a coffee or food truck. 

Work with professionals – make sure you are working with a professional commercial cleaning company in Calgary. While a cleaner coming in for a few hours a week to keep the floor vacuumed and desks wiped down may have been fine in 2019, that’s simply not enough in 2020. Not if we want to keep Calgary safe. Germs aren’t visible, so work with a company that understands what it takes and has the right equipment to disinfect commercial spaces. 

Commercial Cleaning in Calgary 

If you’re looking to maintain a high standard of cleanliness in your workplace or public space, we, Clean Brite, are here to offer you the years of experience necessary to keep your employees, customers, and visitors safe.

We currently service over 3 million square feet of commercial space, and our dedication to our clients has helped us grow to be one of the most successful professional cleaning businesses in western Canada. 

So, if you’re ready to join our long list of happy, healthy, and satisfied customers, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information, advice, or for a free quote. To get started, simply call us free on 1-855-847-0718, or shoot us a message here – someone will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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