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5 Ways Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company Saves You Money as a Small Business Owner

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5 Ways Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company Saves You Money as a Small Business Owner

5 Ways Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company Saves You Money as a Small Business Owner

It’s easy for the owners of small businesses to slip into the mindset that keeping everything in-house is the smart way to save money. After all, you’re saving money if you do it yourself, right? Well, sure, provided you’re in your first 6-12 months in business or in your first office space, then maybe.
But if you’re going in at the weekends or are still there at night cleaning past 8pm when all your staff have gone home, even though you’re the boss, then something’s up. It’s time to outsource your cleaning.
Not convinced it’s the right thing to do yet? Here are 5 reasons why hiring a commercial cleaning company in Calgary can save you money as a small business owner.

  1. Your time is worth money, even when you’re not working
    It is a common mistake for new business owners to devalue their time, especially when they are looking at their budget. They often think in terms of the way they were paid as an employee or the way they pay their own staff, which is usually broken down into an hourly sum.
    But as the owner, your time is worth more than simply the time you are at your desk. If you’re exhausted every day, you’re not giving your business your best, and you’re not giving your personal life your best, either. If cleaning has become a time-intensive chore, then it’s time to outsource it.
  2. Staff shouldn’t be expected to do it
    If you expect your staff to clean their workspace, think again – even if you own a retail space. Is your employees’ time best spent cleaning rather than responding to the needs of your customers and clients? Every business succeeds or fails by satisfying customers’ demands. That is what your staff are paid and trained for. Keeping customers happy is what brings in the cash, so rather than asking your staff to clean more than is necessary to keep the workplace presentable, ask the professionals to do the rest.
  3. Your business will look it’s best
    When running a small business, the details matter; for you, your clients, and your staff. A clean workspace is a comfortable one, so if you want to get the best from everyone, your business needs to look and be clean.
    The coronavirus pandemic has made everyone much more aware of the importance of clean surfaces, furniture, carpets and fabrics. A professional cleaning business, hired regularly, is the only way to ensure your business is genuinely clean.
  4. Cleaning isn’t just about looking clean anymore
    The pandemic means that you can’t afford – morally or financially – to do a subpar job on your cleaning. If your staff or clients are coming in to use your office or store, you’ve got to provide them with the highest standard of cleanliness possible. We’ve already seen a spike here in Calgary as the gyms reopened, so it’s of vital importance that your business isn’t somewhere the virus can spread. That’s not something you can do alone every evening with a bucket of bleach, so ask the professionals to come and take the load off your shoulders.
  5. Save you money on equipment over time
    There is a real danger when cleaning is done on a casual basis, that things get missed and problems build up. The stain on a carpet that, if dealt with promptly, would disappear – is left to become permanent, dust can build up on desks and equipment and work its way inside your expensive computers or merchandise. While this may seem like a small thing on a daily basis, over time and as you grow this can be a costly leak in your finances.

The Canadian government has issued a whole suite of measures for businesses in these critical times, and you must follow their guidelines. As Calgary’s best cleaning service, we are happy and able to help you conform with this guidance. We have industry-leading cleaning solutions for indoors, outdoors and for the job site. Don’t gamble with cleanliness; trust us to do it right. Click here to find out more about our services.

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