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Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

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Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

Life as a small business owner is a busy one, and requires juggling many proverbial plates, from maintaining and hiring staff to payroll, training, managing clients, and often, being instrumental in the daily work. As small business owners, we’re used to doing it all, but once you’ve started bringing on additional staff members, should you really be cleaning your own office?

Keeping your office clean and tidy shouldn’t be your responsibility, or that of your staff. It’s tempting to do it yourself to save money, but what business owners often don’t realize until they give up the task is they could have made more money and saved time paying the professionals to do it. Not convinced? Here are some ways a commercial cleaning company can save you time and money:

  • You’ll be able to redirect your energy towards other priorities. If time is money, then every moment you and your team spend cleaning may actually be costing you money. With the cleaning taken care of, you’ll be able to free up hours each week, which you can then spend growing your business, taking care of clients, or relaxing with your family.
  • It will free up your evenings and weekends. It’s important to note, even as a busy person, that socializing and relaxing are important if you want to be able to maximize your productivity. You may be cleaning your workspace yourself to save money or because you’d like to control how it’s done, but there are professional cleaning companies who can to it for you (and likely better than you can)! By eliminating your cleaning time, you will be able to regain that all-important work-life balance we all struggle with, and you’ll be outsourcing one of the most basic tasks.
  • Your employees will work better if their workspace is clean. It’s a known fact that people are more focused when they’re in a clean and tidy workplace. If the office is clean, everyone is much more likely to want to keep it tidy as well. In fact, one study proved that constant visual reminders of disorganization (i.e. clutter) drain our cognitive resources and reduce our ability to focus. This isn’t ideal for your workplace, so keeping it clean is hugely important when it comes to productivity.
  • Professional cleaners have better equipment. Heading to the local store for cleaning supplies may have got you through this far, but often professional commercial cleaners have robust equipment that can do a better job. This is especially important in a world that has experienced COVID-19, which leads us to…
  • You and your employees are much less likely to need sick days if you aren’t passing colds around. The average employee loses 9 days a year to sickness, some of which may be attributed to poor workplace hygiene. If you are keeping everything clean and hygienic in the work place, you’ll be less likely to have a cold sweep through the office. A professionally-cleaned office may be the difference between you giving that important presentation in the best of health, and doing it with a head cold.

If your business is located in Calgary and you’d like to maximize your productivity by hiring a commercial cleaning company, Clean Brite is here to help! We have an exceptional front-line service and management team who assure a sustainable high level of service.

Currently, we service over 3 million square feet of commercial space and have been cleaning service leaders for over 25 years, so you know you’re in good hands. If you’d like to contact us directly for a quote, please fill out this form and we will get back to you with a quote in no time!

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