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Life After Lockdown: How Cleanliness is Different in Businesses

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Life After Lockdown: How Cleanliness is Different in Businesses

A lot has changed over the past 5 months. We have seen entire countries placed under full lockdown, only allowed to leave their homes for the absolute necessities. We’ve seen a total reset in the way we protect ourselves and our workplaces, as thousands of people have been placed on furlough schemes, or even made redundant.

As we in Canada slowly begin to return to our normal lives post-pandemic, there are some elements of life in the midst of COVID-19 that we will no longer need to uphold. Self-isolation measures, for example, have been eased. Stores have reopened and we no longer have to stay inside all day every day.

We can start to reunite with our loved ones as cases begin to drop. But one thing that we will need to hold on to is our new awareness of the importance of hygiene in public spaces and our workplaces, otherwise we’ll be more at risk to a second wave or further spikes in cases. Here’s how our daily practices need to change in a post-COVID-lockdown world:

Social Distancing is Here to Stay

It’s likely that a new sense and necessity of social distancing will continue throughout the year, and perhaps through the winter. Supermarkets have now established designated queuing areas, space between check outs and floor marking to ensure that shoppers are able to maintain a sufficient distance between each other. Restaurants, cafés, bars, gyms, and other entertainment venues are operating with reduced capacity and it’s probable that these safety measures will continue to be encouraged for at least the next six months. 

We’ve Got to Keep Public Property and Spaces Clean

Before this pandemic entered our lives and changed the way we operate in public, few of us would have considered the implications of holding onto a railing on the train, or picking up a newspaper to read on the commute to work. We wouldn’t have thought twice about using a public toilet, or simply pushing a cart around a supermarket.

Any space that welcomes members of the public in to shop, meet, work, or exercise must increase their cleanliness measures if we are going to prevent further breakouts and spikes in cases. You have got to provide the right guidance for those using the space and, more importantly, disinfect regularly after use.

Cleanliness in the Workplace Cannot Relax

Before the outbreak of Coronavirus, it wouldn’t have been common for every member of an office to ritually wipe down their laptop, sanitize their phones and disinfect their entire desk. Today, however, this is considered the bare minimum in the workplace, particularly those with large numbers of people in one space. Many cleaning companies have increased the services they offer, advertising cleaners who will adhere to social distancing rules, wear protective personal equipment, and have an excellent knowledge of chemicals.

If businesses and organizations fail to protect their employees with proper cleanliness in communal areas and extra precautions, that lackadaisical attitude could cause a whole floor or office to become infected. We’ve got to realize that it’s not just a case of whether or not one person can make it in to work, but keeping the numbers of cases down in Calgary and all over the world. (Here are 5 ways you can get started today.)

It’s going to be tempting to relax and simply go back to the way things were – it’s our nature to want things to be easy and hyper-vigilance is difficult to maintain, especially in public spaces. But if you’re managing or own a business in Calgary, you’ve got to do your part to prevent the virus spreading.

Get Help From Cleanbrite

If you’re worried about balancing getting back to work and providing a safe space for your employees and members of the public, we’re here to help. Safety and hygiene are our top priorities, and we get the job done without any hassle. Our network of building and zone supervisors, and area supervisors rigorously check our buildings, instruct our cleaners, and visit our clients to ensure everyone is getting the very best service.

We have been the cleaning service leader in Calgary for the last 25 years, and we pride ourselves on our long history of cleaning every type of site. From small offices and gyms to libraries and home spaces, we’ve done it all, and we’re passionate about keeping Calgary safe as we fight COVID-19 now and in the months to come.

If you would like some help making sure that your employees can return to a clean, safe and sanitary environment, contact us now for a free quote. We would love to hear from you and assist you in keeping our community safe.

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